Tammy has had a passion for storytelling since she was a teenager in South Africa. Immigrating to Australia at seventeen, Tammy continued her recollections of her weird and wacky dreams to close friends and colleagues over the years, often making them laugh or shudder in fear at the scarier dreams. Moribund is the product of one such dream. Evanee Shepard's tale is one Tammy felt had to be taken further and shared with readers; thus began her journey into the world of writing. Her love for engaging with the projects she is working on, diving headfirst into the research, investigating, and producing stories is evident within her first novel Moribund and her online interactions. She loves communicating with readers and authors alike, and loves nothing more than to hear about how a reader connected with the book they just read.




Oh my goodness. I can't believe it is already the start of a new decade. Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers out there. I hope this year treats you and those you love well. 

My aim for this year is to release at least two more books for all you book worms out there. I am also working on setting up a newsletter that will be delivered to your emails each month. These newsletters will contain progress reports on my work, release dates and book cover reveals. There will be interviews with fellow authors and upcoming book babies and their due dates. Oh, and giveaways. Who doesn't love a freebie, right?

So, here's to you fantastic people and the year ahead.  

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Death is but a state, not an end.

 They say everything you do comes back to you—well it's true. What they forget to mention is how it comes back tenfold. 

I'm Evanee Sheperd, great-granddaughter to Death and forensic pathologist at Acrasin General Hospital. I'm also the unlucky vampire cross reaper or as I like to call myself, vamper, Fate set her vengeful sights on.

I thought defeating Aeternum's monstrous creation was all Fate had in store for me. I was wrong. When mutilated bodies of murdered women arrive at the morgue with fractured and tortured souls, it's obvious we're not looking for your average human serial killer. 

All this would be enough to send anyone over the edge, but I have what most don't—Erick. Prince Erick Tenebris, my sire, soul mate and future king to my queen. With him by my side, I might stand a chance of conquering more than just Aeternum's newest creation. 



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29  March 2019

Moribund is the first book in the Evanee Sheperd Series. It is available for purchase as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Angus and Robertson. You can purchase a hard copy from Tableland Books in Atherton, and Collins Booksellers in Smithfield, Cairns, Far North Queensland.

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31 October 2019

Exitus is here. Click below to grab your ebook copy today. Hard copies can be purchased through major online stores such as book depository and booktopia. Or head into your local book store that supports indie authors and ask them to order you a copy today.




What an excuse to leave the housework, garden, painting and whatever else needs doing and read a story. I was so annoyed to have to go out several times during the reading and would have finished it in one sitting if not for this, the story line just pulled me in and didn’t want to take a break even for nature.

Shelley Findlater


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